We can provide u a service which you cannot have from the main dealer or kwik-fit. First we flush the dirty oil for 10-15 min before draining and replace all the service parts such as oil, fuel, air, cabin filters, spark plugs, free any defective bulbs, free wealth check, free computer check, and free car wash in and out whenever u do full service such as engine and brakes or engine and M.O.T with affordable prices. Free car wash when gearbox, clutch or engine change. All jobs are done to the manufacturer’s specification and lot more. Book now and keep your self-going at a best and affordable rate

We offer a wide variety of services to cover all your auto needs. These include:


VW and Audi Zone will service all makes and models of vehicles. We use only genuine parts and will make sure your vehicle is serviced to a high standard. We understand the need to look after your vehicle in order to get the best performance out of it. We are able to carry out all ranges of service from oil change to a full engine service at affordable and competitive prices.

For a full service, we will replace the engine oil and filter, air filter, fuel filter and spark plugs, A/C or heating filters known as pollen filters. We check and replace defective light bulbs, check brakes and tyres, tyre pressure and we also check all the fluids – water, anti-freeze, screen wash, power steering fluid, brake fluid and gear oils. For every full service, we also provide free computer diagnostics of your vehicle for any fault at present or faults that are likely to come. We also reset service intervals, stamp your service books, clean your engine and clean inside and outside your vehicle known as mini-valet.

For an oil service, we replace the engine oil and filter, top up all the fluids – water, anti freeze, screen wash etc and we check the lights, tyres and wipers


At VW and Audi Zone, we fix any electrical or electronics problem of your vehicle e.g electric windows, switches, immobilisers, central locking. We also run diagnostics to determine the cause of faults with your car.

General Repairs

At VW and Audi Zone, our business is fixing your vehicle to give you a pleasurable driving experience and ensure you get the best performance for your vehicle. We fix everything from air conditioning and heating, to exhausts, repair and replacements of brakes, clutch systems, gearboxes, engine, suspension faults etc. We pride ourselves in the service we deliver to our customers. We also provide free computer diagnostic check up for every vehicle if the job will be carried out with our company at the same time and we clear all trouble lights from the dashboard which does not require any repairs or fixing parts.

Pick Up and Dropping

We are able to pick up your vehicle from you at a place and time convenient for you to carry out work on your vehicle and we can deliver the vehicle back to you on completion of the work.

Breakdown Recovery

​We can arrange a truck to pick up your vehicle and deliver it to the garage at your own cost if you don't have recovery services from AA, RAC, Green Flag etc and we can deliver to the vehicle to you after carrying out repairs on the vehicle.